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FLOWER - Let Go Again PV

In this PV, there's a narration with a little girl's voice. Its so cute and I just needed to write it all here.

Start of the PV:

When a girl falls in love, its like a comet approaching the planet of heart. It is the comet of love. At the moment, the comet of love passes by the planet of heart. The  distance would be both close and far, far and close. It is a feeling that they never felt before like being in zero gravity. Even tho they could not meet, the heart would be filled with many colours and the flowers of love will bloom. Yes, when a girl falls in love, flowers bloom.

End of the PV:
As flowers bloom all year round, the flower of love will bloom in a girl's heart.
When the romance begins, pink flowers will blossom.
When she laughs at the romance, yellow flowers will blossom.
When she enjoys the romance, orange flowers will blossom.
When she dances with the romance, red flowers will blossom.
When she dreams about the romance, purple flowers will blossom.
When she becomes sad at the romance, blue flowers will bloom.
When she gets hurt by the romance, black flowers will bloom.
And at the end of the romance, white flowers will bloom.
Girls in love become more beautiful because flowers will be blooming at any time.

I love this PV so much. I'm falling in love with these girls even more.
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