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I've been reading the articles in Japan-talk a lot and I've come across this article titled "The 7 deadly sins of Japan Travel". There was one that grabbed my attention and I really wanted to write about it.

{3. Pride
Visitors to Japan say the word gaijin a lot.
Sure, gaijin are a small minority in Japan. If you're the only foreigner in a restaurant or a train — you might feel that you really stand out. The truth is that you don't.
There are a lot of foreigners living in Japan. Most Japanese have lived abroad or traveled extensively. In other words, the locals aren't interested in you simply because you're a gaijin. It's generally better to forget all about your race and enjoy yourself.

Most of the time the word "Gaijin" is used for americans or Westerners. But you're still a gaijin if you're not born in Japan right? As an asian, I look more like a gaijin than my friends because I'm a malay muslim girl while a lot of my friends are chinese. I always thought (or have been told) I'll stick out a lot as an obvious Gaijin. The reason is that I wear the Hijab (which is a huge symbol of my religion).

That being said, I do feel that I really stand out, in trains, shops, and even concerts! That was how I felt when I first went to a Johnny's concert too. And I've been feeling like that for 2 years.

But I was wrong. I did get a few stares in the trains and concerts at times but that only happened once or maybe twice! In concerts the only people who notices me are the fellow fans who sits around me. To be honest, I don't think any West members actually saw me (either in Osaka jo hall or YokoAri). LOL. I was convinced by my friends that me being a hijabi will definitely attract the idols attention. I'm still waiting for that miracle to happen. XD

Other than concerts, when I'm in public places, people generally don't notice me. I really did felt invisible most times in recent visits to Japan. The only time I remembered feeling like all attention was on me was during the train ride back to narita airport in 2014. I don't remember anything else. Oh, maybe when I'm queueing for Concert Goods XD I always feel so awkward in concert goods queue. I think I need company. XD Other than that, I'm mostly invisible and I like it. Hahah

Now, if I travel to Japan, I feel more relaxed and I am able to enjoy my holiday to the fullest and I think that is really important. ^^ (I also got used to not being noticed in west concert so its ok too. I'm more than happy to see them and i don't need them to notice me because I'm actually really shy too LOL)

Ijou. Iqaa deshita~ ♥
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