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The bias of all biases ;)

Its 3rd July, 9.30pm so let me start making my birthday post for the bias of my biases.

Still thinking who is he? XDDDD Its not difficult actually XD

It's non other than  my bb ♥♥♥ M A S U D A  T A K A H I S A ♥♥♥

This birthday post is an impromptu and hisashiburi birthday post. I dont remember the last time i made a birthday post here XDDD and tbh, i really dont know what to post so i'll just type anything that comes to mind XD This will be kinda candid omg X/////D *shy*

2014-07-03 21.34.49
Happy 28th Birthday to my dearest Massu.
You've been my bias for almost 3 years i guess? Tbh, I dont really remember when i started calling you my bias.
But its all thanks to that sunshine smile of yours, I got attracted to you.
Believe it or not, I did not like you before. Must be because i was jealous of your relationship with Tegoshi X"DD
Because i was a Tego-biased XDD
But thanks to Tegomasu activities, I was exposed to Massu too.
And soon, I was under your magic. Massu, what spell did you put on me? XDDD
It seems like this spell is difficult to be broken.
But believe me, I dont ever want this spell to be broken. Let me seal it far away so that no one can touch it.
I will forever be under your spell *A* XD

Last year, I've had this wish. I wished to meet you before you turn 30. And guess what?
That wish came true.
I finally met you in this year's Live tour. The 4th Tegomasu Live.
It all still feels like a dream.
"Did I really met Massu?"
Did it really happened?
It's all too good to be true.
The best part? I felt that we made eye-contact.
Massu, you saw me didn't you?
You looked up to where i was standing when you came over on the miso soup bowl ;____;
You also looked at me again on encore when you were on Uu-chan ♥
Just from eye-contact, i could feel the sparks.
Like a connection (kyaaaa) XDDD
Did you know how happy you made me feel?
That was the happiest day of my life.
Thank you for making me the happiest girl on earth.
I love you the mostttttt

Happy 28th and may you forever de-age and always be my baby
Let's meet again someday♥

Since i've got some time, i shall do something special XDD

ok its impossible to upload it now so i'll just leave it at this LOL

2013-11-06 12.24.43

Of course Keii-chan is me.

_:Signing off:_

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