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Friends Only


This Livejournal is Friends only as I post my entries like im writing a diary.
I'm iqaa from Singapore and I'm a Johnnys and LDH fangirl.
Fangirl since '09.
Current biases:
Johnnys Jr's Snow man's Fukazawa Tatsuya,
Johnny's West's Hamada Takahiro,
News' Masuda Takahisa,
Arashi's Ohno Satoshi,
Flower's Harumi and Shuuka,
Generations' Katayose Ryota
Sandaime JSB's Yamashita Kenjiro

I dont contribute much in fandom tho I wish I could (huhu)

When did I become a fan of each group?
Arashi: July 2009
News: December 2009 (This is a rough estimation as i dont really remember but i know that i became a news fan shortly after becoming an arashi fan)
Generations/ Sandaime: 2013 (I dont remember which month but i started liking Alan from dramas and then i watched burning up pv and soon fell into sandaime fandom)
Flower: early 2014
Johnny's West: July 2014
Snow Man: December 2014
Tags: fandom, fangirl
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